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Arctic Nature


Nature in the arctic brings astonishing experiences to the newcomer.

The region of Kangiqsujuaq is the perfect terrain for exploration of this kind.

Although relatively few animal species wander the tundra, at certain times of the year their sheer numbers are amazing.  The area of the Parc national des Pingualuit is located in the calving grounds of the largest caribou herd in the world, namely the Leaf River herd, estimated at 700,000 in size.  Canada Geese and Snow Geese migrations also cause impressive gatherings.  Along the coast, as well as out to sea, walrus are usually found in colonies and beluga whales often move in groups of dozens.
The Inuit happily harvest this wealth of resources from their open-air supermarket – and you might be offered a taste of the best arctic char, mussels or a delicious caribou stew.