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Village of Kangiqsujuaq


With a population of approximately 600 strong, Kangiqsujuaq is a vibrant community.

It stands at the crossroad between two worlds: one of men and women practicing subsistence hunting and gathering on a regular basis, the other of young people listening to an MP3 player while riding their ATV or networking in Nunavik cyberspace.  This territory, where generations of hunters have walked, invites you. Here, tradition is much more than just a word. It is a deep link kept alive through oral tradition. Nothing equals Inuktitut to describe the northern environment.  This language reflects Inuit history and a unique path of inventiveness, courage, survival and resilience.

A visit to the Pingualuit Interpretive Centre is essential. It offers the visitor a glimpse of the astonishing Inuit culture. Among its many artifacts there is an authentic sealskin kayak built almost 50 years ago by a worthy hunter, a pillar of his community.